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Shonan Health Innovation Park (Shonan iPark) is Japan's first pharmaceutical-initiated science park, established in April 2018 when Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Takeda) opened its then in-house research center to outside organizations. It aims to become a place where industry, government, and academia from a wide range of industries and sizes can come together to accelerate health innovation. Shonan iPark is currently home to about 150 companies and more than 2,000 people (as of April, 2023) from not only pharmaceutical companies but also next-generation medicine, cell agriculture, AI, government, and other fields, forming an ecosystem.
The land and buildings are held in trust beneficiary rights by Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation (IIF), and the facilities and community are managed by iPark Institute Co., Ltd., which took over the business of Takeda.
The facility is managed by personnel with expertise in the life science business, and under the vision of "Bring innovative ideas to society", it aims to become a place where research can be accelerated and social implementation can be realized.

Shonan Health Innovation Park

Facility Overview

Facility Name
Shonan Health Innovation Park
(Shonan iPark)
26-1, Muraoka Higashi 2-Chome, Fujisawa, Kanagawa 251-8555, Japan
Phone Number
Trust beneficiary Right Holder
Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation (IIF)
Management Company


The six blue dots forming a wave above the word “iPark” represent the concept of open innovation that the wave of a newly born idea may be small at first but grows as it resonates.

Basic Information


Shonan iPark is characterized by a rich research environment and a diverse community fostered through science-based interactions.


Shonan iPark was established in April 2018 as a science park initiated by a pharmaceutical company.

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Shonan iPark's facilities and community in numbers.

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Shonan iPark is located between Ofuna and Fujisawa Stations.

Basic Information

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