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Shonan iPark aims to build a life science ecosystem that is open to the world, and is involved in a variety of initiatives, including a support system for tenants and member companies, a mechanism for connecting players, and an initiative to bring about change in the industry as a whole.

Science Support

Science Mentor

Members of the Shonan iPark tenant companies act as mentors to provide advice on life science research of the tenant companies, utilizing their respective expertise within the scope of the confidential information exception.

Pharmaceutical Affairs Study Group

Free seminars on clinical trials and applications, held by a gathering of pharmaceutical affairs experts from tenant companies.

iPark Reagent Sharing Consortium

This is a system that enables the shared use of commercially available reagents among tenant companies in Shonan iPark in order to improve research efficiency, support the launch of new projects, and strengthen collaboration among companies.

AI/DX Concierge

This is a system in which AI/DX-related companies that are tenants or members of Shonan iPark office provide free consultation services to pharmaceutical companies and others on a non-confidential basis.

Collaboration Support

Co-Creation Recruitment System(CollaboRaising)

This is a platform for recruiting co-creation partners in Shonan iPark for projects that cannot be realized with the company's own assets alone. Shonan iPark office support the process of recruiting co-creation partners and establishing concepts.

Online Matching System(iVP)

iPark Virtual Partnering (iVP) is an online platform for business/science matching within Shonan iPark, and will be a membership-only SNS exclusive to iPark.

Business Support

Support for Venture
Businesses and Academia

Solutions to Social Issues

iPSC Delivery Platform

This program aims to realize an innovative supply system of disease-specific iPS cells for the purpose of drug discovery research and to promote their industrial use. We have established iD4, an incorporated association, and are building a platform that connects cell donors, manufacturing and storage institutions, and the period of utilization, as well as conducting demonstration experiments to standardize the supply process.

Japan VC Consortium

This is a forum for pharmaceutical companies, life science-related companies, venture capitalists (VCs), and corporate venture capitalists (CVCs) to engage in practical discussions among members based on cutting-edge information in their respective fields and to share know-how on investment and licensing. Shonan iPark supports the activities as the secretariat.

Shonan Conference

This is a co-creation platform where in-house entrepreneurs gather to build and demonstrate new businesses for solving social issues under the observance of the local government.

Building a base for research and development of next-generation therapies

Shonan iPark, as a center for research and development of next-generation therapies, will be equipped with support facilities and systems such as CPC and CDMO, and will collaborate with a clinical research hospital (the adjacent Shonan Kamakura General Hospital), and will also have functions to foster high-quality human resources in R&D, quality control, and manufacturing, and will also be equipped with the Muraoka Fukasawa Health Innovation Center to enable social implementation of next-generation health care. We are also working toward the realization of the Muraoka Fukasawa Health Innovation Center concept, which will enable the social implementation of next-generation health care.

Collaboration with
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