Shared Facilities and Spaces

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There are more than 50 halls and meeting rooms available for use by the hour (for a fee).
In addition, open spaces (free of charge, no reservation required) such as eating and recreation areas are available throughout the building to help you concentrate and refresh yourself.

Halls (50-400 people)

Halls for 50 or more people suitable for events, including an auditorium with a maximum capacity of 400 people and a mortar-shaped staircase classroom, are also available for use on an hourly basis (for a fee).

  • Auditorium

  • Amphitheater

  • 50-seat hall

Conference room (1-48 people)

Conference rooms are available for a minimum of 15 minutes by reservation.
Rates are set at approximately 500 yen to 3,000 yen per hour depending on the size of the room.
A new space for one-person web conferencing has also been created to meet the recent demand for web conferencing.

  • Conference Room for Guests

  • Conference Room for 20 people

  • Booths for web conferencing

Space for meals, exercise,
and breaks

The facility is equipped for lunch and refreshments. Among the most popular spots are the courtyard and terrace where you can have a blue-sky lunch.

  • Cafeteria

  • Terrace (iTerrace)

  • Cafe & Bar

  • Courtyard (iGarden)

  • Gymnasium

  • Tennis Court

Social Spaces

Free open spaces are provided throughout the building, with no reservations required, and are used for casual meetings and as a place to focus away from the office. Recreational areas such as table tennis and billiards are also popular.

  • Tatami mat space (Wa)

  • Outdoor-style space (Camp)

  • Beach house-style space (Beach)

  • Nomad

  • Square in front of the cafeteria (iConnect)

  • iPark Introduction Corner (Shonan Corner)

  • Table Tennis Corner

  • Billiards Corner