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Overall Concept

Shonan iPark aims to become a world-class research and development site for next-generation therapies (regenerative medicine, cell therapy, gene therapy, nucleic acid medicine, mRNA drug discovery).

Specifically, we will activate research and development in the field of next-generation therapies from both medical and industrial perspectives by developing and attracting facilities and systems such as Cell Processing Centers (CPC) and Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMO), collaborating with clinical research hospitals (such as the adjacent Shonan Kamakura General Hospital), and enhancing human resource development functions related to R&D, quality control, and manufacturing.

This concept has also been announced in the METI-led Greater Tokyo Biocommunity (GTB), and we will continue to strengthen collaboration with other centers in the future.

GTB-Related Materials

Facility Development

  • Cell Processing Center (CPC) and nucleic acid medicine production facilities that can be freely utilized by both venture companies and large companies
  • A system that allows a consortium of experimental equipment companies to provide experimental equipment at low cost (under consideration)
  • Clustering of companies (CDMOs) that support cell production, gene editing, and nucleic acid medicine technologies

Related Tenant/Membership Companies

Clinical Research

  • A system that can quickly lead to early-stage clinical research on cell therapy through collaboration with research hospitals

Human Resource Development

  • A place to develop human resources for research and manufacturing of new modalities