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Shonan Health Innovation Park (Shonan iPark) is one of the largest life science research facilities in Japan and is characterized by the large number of researchers from pharmaceutical companies, bio ventures and academia.

At Shonan iPark, staff with expertise in the life science industry are pursuing measures and services that meet the needs of researchers in both the facility and the community, with the aim of creating an ecosystem that enables health innovation.

In particular, in terms of community development, while organizing a place to promote research exchange, we focus on fostering a culture in which community is naturally created through individual interactions among residents. As a result, many communities have been created and are continuously active, such as the "Shonan iPark Science Café", where science discussions are held through the introduction of research papers, and club activities where people gather around common interests. In addition, many systems are in place to provide free consultations on science and business, such as "Science Mentors" and "Regulatory Affairs Study Groups," fostering a mutually supportive culture and community that takes advantage of the expertise of each member.


Shonan iPark's official mascot"Shonan Nami-chan"

73 cm
Shy but curious
When she encounters a great idea, her eyes become big exclamation marks.