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This is a system in which AI/DX-related companies that are tenants or members of Shonan iPark provide free consultations to pharmaceutical companies and others on a non-confidential basis.

Consultations are available on improving efficiency, increasing speed, and exploring new innovative possibilities in life sciences with the power of AI and DX.

All consultations are free of charge, and since both the person giving the consultation and the person receiving it belong to the iPark ecosystem, it is a mutually supportive framework with the potential to develop into a business.

Consultation Topics

For example, we can provide consultation on the following topics:

  • Diagnosis support AI using pathological images
  • Prediction of antibody production capacity based on cell morphological characteristics
  • IT environment development when executing processing with AI
  • Drug repositioning using multiple data sets (e.g., compound libraries)
  • Prediction of toxicity and immunogenicity of compounds
  • Automatic detection of discrepancies between multiple documents in product quality control
  • Prediction of correlation with diseases based on human attributes and behavior patterns using data sets such as medical receipts, periodic health checkup data, and life logs on applications
  • Unification of large amounts of internal text data

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