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iPark Institute Co., Ltd. (the "Company") recognizes the importance of personal information and is committed to protecting personal information in accordance with the following policy:

1Acquisition of personal information

The Company will acquire personal information through legal and fair means.

2Use of personal information

  • The Company will use personal information within the scope of the purposes of use announced in advance.
  • In the event that the Company outsources the handling of personal data, the Company will strictly investigate and select the outsourcee and provide necessary and appropriate supervision to ensure the safe management of personal data.

3Provision of Personal Data
to Third Parties

We will not provide personal data to third parties without obtaining the prior consent of the individual, except as required by law.

4Management of Personal Data

  • The Company will maintain the accuracy of personal data within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use, and will manage such personal data securely.
  • The Company will take reasonable information security measures against unauthorized access of and to prevent loss, destruction, alteration, or leakage of personal data.

5Disclosure of Retained Personal Data

If a customer requests disclosure, correction, or discontinuance of use of his/her personal data, we will respond appropriately in accordance with the law.

6Personal Information Protection
Management System

  • The Company shall appropriately operate a personal information protection management system consisting of legal, IT, and other personnel.
  • The Company shall require its employees to comply with all laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information.