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In addition to a general chemical synthesis laboratory, there are also laboratories for experiments using halogenated solvents and high pharmacological activity experiments.

  • Shared lab is equipped with draft chambers

  • Various types of shared analytical equipment

  • Experiments using halogenated solvents can be conducted (in a dedicated laboratory).

  • Glassware cleaning service available (for a fee)

Available Experiments

Chemical synthesis experimentsChemical synthesis experiments
(using halogenated solvents)
Highly pharmacologically active experimentsFormulation studies

Facilities and equipment (examples)


1 移動相は酸性(TFA系)または中性(酢酸アンモニウム系)の2種類

2 PDAまたはMSトリガーの2種類


Shared UseOccupied UseHourly lease use
△(残少)✕(満室)- (対応不可)